best solution for eliminating calcium on swimming pool spa

One of the biggest problems swimming pool owners have with an otherwise beautiful pool is the unsightly buildup of calcium and lime on a raised spa wall. Here is the best solution we have found as illustrated in these photos. We covered the vertical portion of the brick outside the spa with tile. The raining exposed calcium was cleaned off using 300 swimming pool tile cleaner from Bio-Dex.



bio dex 300 tile cleaner


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Consumer Guide To Selecting A Pool Builder

book about selecting swimming pool builder consumer guide executive pool service

How to choose the right pool company before you dive in.
An educational guide to help consumers choose a pool builder; ask the right questions about the company, design, construction, financing, personnel, support and service; negotiate a satisfactory contract.

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Best Heavy Duty Pool Skimmer Basket when there’s lots of leaves!

I recently bought one of these for a customer who’s existing skimmer basket had blow out because of the amount of leaves falling in her pool. I’ve been in the swimming pool business for over 30 years & this is the best one I’ve ever seen. Looks and feels like it’s 3 times thicker and stronger than all the others. Even has a sturdy built in handle that helps when pulling it out.

photo and link to best heavy duty skimmer basket 2015

Buy This Skimmer on Amazon

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Swimming Pool Remodel in Plano, Texas

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New plaster and tile on an old pool can do wonders!

First step is to drain the pool & spa. We don’t recommend doing this through the backwash as it could back up into the house. Proper way is to use a sump pump. This one has a float that shuts off the pump when the water is gone.

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Algae keeps coming back & you don’t know why? Things to consider…

If your water chemicals are balanced but you’re having trouble keeping the “free chlorine” levels up, here’s some things to consider:

1.)Are you running your pump long enough to run all the gallons of your pool water 2x per day? Continue reading

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10 steps towards perfect pool water

1.Keep correct water level in pool:

Generally, the correct water level for a pool level is the middle of the tile. Insufficient water level will cause the pump to suck air impeding the circulation and possibly lose prime thus shortening the life span of the motor and totally shut down the circulation/filtration of water in the pool. Continue reading

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How to get rid of black algae in your swimming pool without using algaecides

Black algae is the most stubborn algae to get rid of in swimming pools. Using algaecides sounds good, but in my experience they don’t work that well and add metals to the pool water creating the possibility of staining plaster. The effective ingredient is usually copper which used over a prolonged period of time will “copper plate” the plaster on a gunite pool. Continue reading

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5 simple steps to keep your pool in perfect condition

If you follow these basic weekly steps, your pool water will be sparkling and look great throughout the summer swim season (provided that the equipment is working properly & the filter is running the proper length of time per day): Continue reading

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replacing redwood deck expansions


Redwood expansions in the driveway and pool deck can look some what unsightly as they get old and start deteriorating. I was asked by a friend to replace his. This is what it looked like before and after as well as how I went about this task.

Understanding what’s under the concrete can make a world of difference. First of all, about every 2′ a piece of 3/8″ steel rebar should be going through the redwood. This rebar is tied into the concrete before they pour the concrete and runs through the redwood. They use “chairs” under the steel, but the redwood expansions also hold up the steel before they pour it. Continue reading

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