…for swimming pools with a large amount of debris and/or leaves … called the Polaris 3900 sport. In my opinion, this cleaner is not only much more efficient but will also last far longer than any other cleaner on the market. This cleaner operates with a booster pump and if your pool currently operates with a suction cleaner, then I would not recommend switching mainly from a cost effectiveness standpoint. With over 25 years experience in the swimming pool industry as a builder & service tech and experiential knowledge of just about every cleaner available, here are some main reasons why:

  • all wheel drive system w/ 50% more torque than other polaris models. This gives it more ability to get around areas of the pool that otherwise would cause the cleaner to become stuck.
  • wider wheels – same benefit as above because of better traction.
  • 4 vacuum jets (as opposed to 3), giving the cleaner better suction allowing it to pick up debris more efficiently.
  • stainless steel belt drive (as opposed to rubber) … runs better and doesn’t wear out!
  • larger throat and debris bag than other units allowing it to pick up more, larger debris and reducing the amount of times between cleaning out the bag.

***This is under the assumption that I believe the polaris to be the best manufacturer of cleaners that run the return side of the system.

This unit costs about $200 more than the polaris 280, but the cost difference will be compensated for in the repairs alone not to mention the efficiency. ~

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