If you follow these basic weekly steps, your pool water will be sparkling and look great throughout the summer swim season (provided that the equipment is working properly & the filter is running the proper length of time per day):

  1. Check the water level (proper level is the middle of the tile). This is probably the most important step of all because if the level gets lower than the skimmer throat, the pump will lose prime and not operate, resulting in the water not circulating and shorten the life span of the pump due to overheating.
  2. Brush the steps, benches, walls, & shallow end floor to the break. This will eliminate any trace elements of algae from forming as well as keep dirt from staining the plaster.
  3. Clean out skimmer baskets, pump basket, and automatic cleaner bag.
  4. Check the chemicals. PH is very crucial and should be kept at 7.6 (in Dallas water, we add 1 lb of soda ash per week to our pools) this keeps the ph at 7.6 providing that the total alkalinity is at 120ppm. Always keep chlorine tabs in the floater/auto chlorinator. Entire pool should be drained and refilled approx. every 5 years to eliminate buildup of solids that effect the killing power of the chlorine.  Most importantly concerning chemicals in your pool water is KEEP IT SIMPLE! Stay away from adding all sorts of extra things to your water. Stay away from algaecides on pools with plaster, use fast dissolving calcium hypochlorite and sodium bromide (most algaecides use silver or copper, and metal will stain the plaster). More on this subject in future blogs.
  5. Once a month backwash the filter. Don’t forget to add new DE if a DE filter and water to the pool!

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. We understand there’s many variables, but these are the main weekly duties.

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